• Nested Sets

    Transform any Adjacency List to Nested Sets using MySQL stored procedures

    Adjacency Lists are among the most popular models for storing hierarchical data into databases, but sometimes they do not provide…

  • Attack of the Clones

    Attack of the Clones – How a glitch in Google ruined my morning coffee

    The first thing to do after I wake up is to make myself a good cup of coffee. Not to…

  • Turbo Web 2.0

    Turbo Web 2.0 Tutorial

    Turbo Web 2.0 is a great piece of software that you can use to diversify your link portfolio using great Web 2.0 properties as a Tier 1 or T2 links. It is the closest you can get to building your own PBN using web 2.0 properties as your private blog network. It is also one of the most cost effective and least time consuming solution on the market.

  • CPABlend Dashboard

    How I made my first $50K from PPD/CPA

    For almost a decade I have been creating websites and pushing them up the SERPs with the sole purpose of…

  • Express Indexer Review

    Get Your Links Indexed – Express Indexer Review

    What good is building links if they don’t get indexed in Google, in depth review of Express Indexer’s performance on a real GSA Search Engine Ranker project compared to competitor indexing services.

  • UBot Studio 5 up to 60% Promo Codes for 2015

    UBot Studio 5 up to 50% Discount Codes for 2015

    When it comes to automating monotonous web tasks, like account creation, social media posting or anything connected with your online…

  • Anatomy of a Pinterest Follow Bot

    Anatomy of a Pinterest Follow Bot

    Want to build your own Pinterest follow bot? Here is a tutorial on how to do it with UBot Studio along with everything that is happening under the hood.

  • Pinterest Follow Bot

    Pinterest Follow Bot

    Download our free Pinterest Follow Bot to automate your follow / unfollow efforts and get more followers for your boards.

  • Tumblr Autoliker - Greasemonkey Script Download

    Tumblr Autoliker – Greasemonkey Script Download

    Tumblr Autoliker is a free script for the Greasemonkey Firefox add on that will enable you to like multiple posts with a single click based on a targeted keyword search, improving your online presence and giving your blog some link juice from the platform.

  • Free Pinterest Bot - Followers Scraper

    Free Pinterest Bot – Followers Scraper

    One of the ways to get more targeted followers on Pinterest is the well known follow back technique, but no matter what you are using to complete this task you will need a list of niche relevant users to follow. Although there are many ways that you can get these users, one of the easiest is scraping the followers of another user that is in your niche. But doing it manually is a time consuming and a painful job. Imagine that the user you are trying to scrape has over 10.000 followers? Now this is where simple tools like this Pinterest Followers Scraper Bot come in handy.