• Tumblr Autoliker - Greasemonkey Script Download

    Tumblr Autoliker – Greasemonkey Script Download

    Tumblr Autoliker is a free script for the Greasemonkey Firefox add on that will enable you to like multiple posts with a single click based on a targeted keyword search, improving your online presence and giving your blog some link juice from the platform.

  • Parsing JSON with UBot

    Parsing JSON with UBot Studio

    JSON is a standard format for data found in online applications and websites but unfortunately there is no built in support in UBot Studio 5.5 that allows you to work with it. In this tutorial we are going to use the built in functions and commands available in UBot to get data from JSON object and use it inside our bots.

  • No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA with UBot

    Bypassing No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA with UBot

    On December 3, 2014 Google introduced the new and improved No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA which simplifies the human verification process and…

  • Negative SEO

    How to Survive a Negative SEO Attack?

    Negative SEO seems to be a common practice these days. Basically it is a process that uses automated link building…

  • Tumblr rel canonical

    How to Add rel=”canonical” to Tumblr Themes

    The canonical URL plays an important role in on-page SEO optimization preventing duplicate content issues which can lead to serious…

  • iPhone Unlock Scam

    iPhone Unlocking Scams

    People with locked iPhones are often desperate to get their phones unlocked so they try everything they can find. Usually they go for the free tools available but they often do not do the job since they are limited to only a few basebands and firmware versions. Here is where the scam sites come in the game offering instant unlock for your iPhone no matter what baseband or firmware you have. They even offer “money back guarantee” if “their” software does not work and “free updates for life”. But if you have tried one of this sites you might find that the reality is quite different.

  • Force Media Player Library Update

    The only thing that works is removing all the files from the Media Player Local Data folder, but it involves a lot of clicking and remembering where the folder is. So instead of doing it manually here is a simple BAT script that will do it for you.

  • An Alien Spaceship On Google Sky

    An Alien Spaceship On Google Sky

    While browsing Google Sky, we found this interesting “thing” that sure looks like an alien spaceship with quite an impressive design. You can chose to see this as an alien spaceship or a reflection of something in the equipment.

  • Blank Facebook App Tab With SSL – SOLVED!

    From October 1st all Facebook apps must have SSL certificates in order to function well. Since we have a lot of apps that are used on Facebook pages as page tabs we bumped into a problem where on HTTP the app tabs were displayed as expected while on HTTPS (via SSL) the page tab application was blank.

  • Facebook HTML/CSS Framework

    Facebook HTML/CSS Framework

    The need for faster prototyping of Facebook applications and pages introduced the need for a Facebook HTML/CSS framework.