• Solving Keyword Planner Issues in SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

    From time to time Rank Tracker is unable to update the SEO/PPC data from your linked AdWords account and the…

  • Attack of the Clones

    Attack of the Clones – How a glitch in Google ruined my morning coffee

    The first thing to do after I wake up is to make myself a good cup of coffee. Not to…

  • Turbo Web 2.0

    Turbo Web 2.0 Tutorial

    Turbo Web 2.0 is a great piece of software that you can use to diversify your link portfolio using great Web 2.0 properties as a Tier 1 or T2 links. It is the closest you can get to building your own PBN using web 2.0 properties as your private blog network. It is also one of the most cost effective and least time consuming solution on the market.

  • UBot Studio 5 up to 50% Discount Codes for 2015

    When it comes to automating monotonous web tasks, like account creation, social media posting or anything connected with your online…

  • Anatomy of a Pinterest Follow Bot

    Anatomy of a Pinterest Follow Bot

    Want to build your own Pinterest follow bot? Here is a tutorial on how to do it with UBot Studio along with everything that is happening under the hood.

  • Pinterest Follow Bot

    Download our free Pinterest Follow Bot to automate your follow / unfollow efforts and get more followers for your boards.

  • Negative SEO

    How to Survive a Negative SEO Attack?

    Negative SEO seems to be a common practice these days. Basically it is a process that uses automated link building…

  • iPhone Unlock Scam

    iPhone Unlocking Scams

    People with locked iPhones are often desperate to get their phones unlocked so they try everything they can find. Usually they go for the free tools available but they often do not do the job since they are limited to only a few basebands and firmware versions. Here is where the scam sites come in the game offering instant unlock for your iPhone no matter what baseband or firmware you have. They even offer “money back guarantee” if “their” software does not work and “free updates for life”. But if you have tried one of this sites you might find that the reality is quite different.

  • Force Media Player Library Update

    The only thing that works is removing all the files from the Media Player Local Data folder, but it involves a lot of clicking and remembering where the folder is. So instead of doing it manually here is a simple BAT script that will do it for you.

  • An Alien Spaceship On Google Sky

    An Alien Spaceship On Google Sky

    While browsing Google Sky, we found this interesting “thing” that sure looks like an alien spaceship with quite an impressive design. You can chose to see this as an alien spaceship or a reflection of something in the equipment.