Many things have changed in the last few years with all the pandas and penguins Google released into the wild. SEO tools come and go, some worked well in the past and got your money site to the top, but some, like the ones found here are still kicking ass. Whether you are a link spammer or a guy who thinks his hat is white, here is the ultimate list of must have SEO link building tools for 2017/2018, tested, filtered and approved.

Link Building Tools

GSA Search Engine Ranker

This is my favorite and most used tool when it comes to automated link building. Although it can be used as a tier 1 tool, GSA SER is the champion of tier 2/3 link building, and with the ridiculous price of $99 it is a must have in every arsenal. The above link includes a 15% discount, saving you $22.


RankerX is one tool I am using the most at the moment. Ideal for T1 link building, it offers a lot of options for creating great Web 2.0 T1 links along with a support for automatic T2/3/4 link building. An absolute must have.


If you don’t already own ScrapeBox, get it ASAP. It is the basic tool, like a Swiss army knife that every SEO should have. Now updated with 64bit support it runs even smoother. The link includes a special price for BHW forum members that I am sharing with you to shave a few bucks off the price.

Turbo Web 2.0

Turbo Web 2.0 is a great piece of software that you can use to diversify your link portfolio using great Web 2.0 properties as a Tier 1 or T2 links. It is the closest you can get to building your own PBN using web 2.0 properties as your private blog network.

Content Creation

SEO Content Machine

If I had to create content for every project manually, I would go crazy. This is where SEO Content Machine comes in and saves the day. With the automated content creation and the ready made templates for GSA SER and FCS Networker creating unique content is done in minutes. Not to forget the WordPress and Blogger integration that I found very useful.

Spin Rewriter 8.0

Spin Rewriter is one of the best players in the spinners market. The team behind it is working hard to make it the best and I must say for English it is the best spinner at the moment. When it comes to bulk spun content for T1 and T2 Spin Rewriter is an excellent choice. I would not say anything more, just get the lifetime license, best deal you will ever get.

The French Article Spinner

The only good French article spinner that can be used for T1 and T2 content. Reasonable pricing and great results both unique and readable.


Pricy and kind a slow, but worth the money you are paying. If content needs to be spinned, WordAi was ideal for English, Spanish, French and Italian. Being smart enough to understand the core of the article, it makes spun articles look as human readable and unique as they can be. While WordAi was the best spinner until recently, the latest v4 is not that good. Expect a full review soon.


With a one time fee for the price of few months of WordAi, X-Spinner is a must have, especially if you are just starting up. If you are going to get it, grab the Elite User Version which supports custom thesauruses for different languages and super spin NLP for human readable but unique content.

SpinnerChief 4

From the creator of X-Spinner comes Spinner Chief and in version 4 it offers some of the greatest content spinning functions available on the market. Great for manual spinning, but the API is quite unreliable.


Proxies and Captcha Breakers

Whether you are using GSA, Scrapebox or any other SEO tool, you will need proxies. I personally prefer for their response and no questions asked when it comes to blocked proxies. If you are serious about your projects, don’t be tempted by price of the semi dedicated proxies, get your own dedicated proxies and use the hell out of them.

Blazing Proxies

One stop shop for good private proxies and OCR Captcha Solving. Blazing SEO offers some of the best services for SEO up to date, including the huge account store where you can get emails and accounts for various SEO link building tools.


GSA Captcha Breaker

Getting GSA Captcha Breaker is one of the smartest things you will buy ever. This self hosted captcha breaking software will save you thousands of dollars that you will otherwise spend on human captcha solving services. Don’t think twice get it NOW! The above link includes a 15% discount, saving you $15.


2Captcha is a human captcha solving service that you will need for your automated link building tasks. Cheaper than its competitors, 2Captcha offers the perfect price / quality combination and should be the first human captcha service in your GSA configuration.

Link Indexers

OK, you have created thousands and thousands of links to your money site, to your tier 1, etc… What good are they if Google does not know about them. Waiting for big G to find and index them on his own is a long process and what is worse some links will never be indexed. This is where link indexers come into play, helping Google discover your links and index them in the shortest possible time.

GSA Indexer

If you are just starting out, this is an acceptable link indexer that will help you newly created links get indexed in Google as soon as possible. Running from your computer and with a price of only $20, it is a deal.

One Hour Indexing

No doubt, one of the best link indexers out there. Although it will cost more than its competitors,  definitely worth the money. The name tells it all, I have been using it for a while and I think this will be me indexer of choice for 2016.

Express Indexer

Now if you are serious and you got the money, get your links indexed like a pro and go with Express Indexer. With the drip feed API and the seamless GSA integration, this service although pricey gets your links indexed way, way better than GSA Indexer and many other similar services on the market.

Advanced Automation

UBot Studio

UBot Studio by itself is not a link building or any kind of SEO tool, it is a browser automation studio that allows you to create your own bots. How can you use it for link building? Well, imagine having a bot that builds links that no automated link building tool like GSA or FCS Networker can. With the built in support for proxies, captcha solvers and text spinning, you have all the basics covered to start building your own bot.

Misc Tools

Social Count Checker

This free social count checker is an excellent tool to track and analyze your social media performance. Unlike most similar tools, it offers a unique feature of showing you how many Google+ shares you have instead of the aggregated count. This feature is very useful if you are buying shares on Fiverr and you don’t want to be fooled with the usual plus ones instead of shares scam.

Smart Buying

Some of the listed software SEO tools/services require a monthly fee to be used. If you like them and there is a lifetime license available, get it. If not go for the yearly plan or the one that will offer you maximum savings. If you are just getting into this game, this will be a good motivation to work harder and return the investment you just made.

Not recommended

The following products have been discontinued or no longer provide an acceptable service level.

FCS Networker

FCS Networker is another must have tool when it comes to building high DA/PR Web 2.0 and social bookmarks that can be safely used as a tier 1 link properties for your projects.

Blazing OCR Captcha Solving

Blazing OCR is the best solution to solving captchas without having to pay per captcha solved. A special discount code available for the Blazing OCR Captcha Solving service.  Use promo code DEVMD on checkout.

Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine is another great piece of software that creates content on the fly. Easy to use interface and GSA SER integration. Weather you are going to get SEO Content Machine or Kontent Machine it is up to your personal preference, I am using both.