• Force Media Player Library Update

    The only thing that works is removing all the files from the Media Player Local Data folder, but it involves a lot of clicking and remembering where the folder is. So instead of doing it manually here is a simple BAT script that will do it for you.

  • An Alien Spaceship On Google Sky

    An Alien Spaceship On Google Sky

    While browsing Google Sky, we found this interesting “thing” that sure looks like an alien spaceship with quite an impressive design. You can chose to see this as an alien spaceship or a reflection of something in the equipment.

  • Blank Facebook App Tab With SSL – SOLVED!

    From October 1st all Facebook apps must have SSL certificates in order to function well. Since we have a lot of apps that are used on Facebook pages as page tabs we bumped into a problem where on HTTP the app tabs were displayed as expected while on HTTPS (via SSL) the page tab application was blank.

  • Facebook HTML/CSS Framework

    Facebook HTML/CSS Framework

    The need for faster prototyping of Facebook applications and pages introduced the need for a Facebook HTML/CSS framework.

  • Microsoft Touch Mouse

    Microsoft Touch Mouse – Why I didn’t like it?

    I am very disappointed in Microsoft, to see such a great product fail in an area so basic, while excelling in a set of features currently unmatched on the market.

  • No More PHP 4 and MySQL 4 for WordPress!!!

    Mark Jaquith, one of the lead developers of WordPress just announced that WordPress 3.1 will be the last version that will support PHP4 and MySQL4. After WordPress 3.1, due some by the end of 2010, the minimum requirements for installing WordPress 3.2 will be PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.0.15.

  • WordPress 3.0 Plugin Install/Upgrade Problem “Could Not Create Directory”

    Some of you might have noticed that after the WordPress 3.0 upgrade there seems to be some kind of problem with installing/upgrading plugins via FTPS (SSL). I am not sure why this bug happens, but here is a quick fix to get you going.

  • FeedBurner Stats Plugin For WordPress!

    Say hello to our new WordPress plugin that enables you to get a great insight into your FeedBurner feed, along with information and statistics about the subscribers, views, clicks, feed item information and chronological statistics.

  • Digest Access Authentication

    Digest Access Authentication Without mod_auth_digest

    Get the Digest Access Authentication running with some PHP code and a simple .htaccess trick making it possible to authenticate users without having to worry if mod_auth_digest is installed on the server.

  • Posting Source Code In WordPress Posts

    Sometimes you might want to post source code into your WordPress blog and highlight the source code according to the language it is written in. Although there are many plugins that deal with syntax highlighting we are going to save you a little trouble and get you up and running in no time.