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How to Add rel=”canonical” to Tumblr Themes

The canonical URL plays an important role in on-page SEO optimization preventing duplicate content issues which can lead to serious consequences in your search engine ranking. It basically tells Google that this is the “preferred” URL if your content is available via multiple different URLs.

By default not all Tumblr themes have canonical URLs specified, so if you like to use a theme that does not support it out of the box, here is a simple and easy way to do it in under 1 minute.

  •  Go to the “Edit Theme” pane  available at http://www.tumblr.com/customize
  • Click “Edit HTML”
  • Right between the <head></head> tags add the following code and save your changes
{block:PermalinkPage}<link rel='canonical' href='{Permalink}'>{/block:PermalinkPage}

And this is it, you have made your blog more SEO friendly. For more information on rel="canonical" you can visit Google’s help pages here.

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