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One of the ways to get more targeted followers on Pinterest is the well known follow back technique, but no matter what you are using to complete this task you will need a list of niche relevant users to follow. Although there are many ways that you can get these users, one of the easiest is scraping the followers of another user that is in your niche. But doing it manually is a time consuming and a painful job. Imagine that the user you are trying to scrape has over 10.000 followers? Now this is where simple tools like this Pinterest Followers Scraper Bot come in handy.

Using some basic JavaScript knowledge we have created this Pinterest bot using UBot Studio 5. The bot is very simple to use, just enter the Pinterest username and the maximum amount of followers the current user’s follower is allowed to have and it will filter out all the users following your niche user that have more than XXX followers. This is a neat feature that enables you to skip all those users with thousands of followers, simply because these users will not likely follow you back. After you fill in these two fields click start and the bot will start the scraping process. Depending on your IP address and history with Pinterest, the maximum amount of users you will be able to scrape will be different. A CSV file with the user URL and the number of followers will be placed in the folder where you placed the exe file of the bot.¬† Please remember that this bot is created as a demonstration of the abilities of UBot Studio 5.

If you wish to download the Free Pinterest Followers Scraper Bot, simply sign up for our mailing list and the link to our downloads folder will be emailed to you upon confirmation. Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 is required for the bot to run. For already subscribed users here is the direct download link!

02/03/2015 – Updated the scraper for better compatibility with the free follow / unfollow bot for Pinterest.

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