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Get Your Links Indexed – Express Indexer Review

The original Express Indexer test was done in 2015. We have updated the review with the latest updated for 2017 below. What good is building links if they don’t get indexed in Google or any other search engine for that matter. How much money are you spending on proxies, virtual servers and captcha breakers without seeing any real, satisfactory result?

It does not matter which automated link building tool you are using, if Google does not find your newly created links, your SERPs will not move a single position up. So how to solve this problem in less then five minutes?

Express Indexer is one of the many link indexing services available on the marked and without going into too much details on how they exactly work, I will just say that their job is to get your links discovered and indexed in the major search engines.

So why are we putting it to the test? As a long time GSA SER user, I have tried several of these indexing services and while some are better than others, I was looking to find the one that will get a large percentage, if not all of my links indexed.

How the Express Indexer test was done?

I created a small link building campaign for one of my sites with GSA Search Engine Ranker, using some of the more common link types like articles, wikis and web 2.0s but I also included blog comments and guestbook spamming just to see some results for those link types.

I left GSA do the link blast without any restrictions on the number of links created for the project and unchecked the send to indexer option since I did not want any links to be sent to Express Indexer automatically. After there were enough links created, I stopped the project and re-verified all the links after a week just to be sure there were no dropouts.

Then I exported the project’s verified links list from GSA Search Engine Ranker and submitted it via the Express Indexer web interface, without drip feeding enabled to test how fast and how many will get indexed.

After two weeks, using a small, must have tool called ScrapeBox, I processed the verified links list double checking if the links were really present on the page and how many were indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The results (2015 version)

This is not the first time I am testing Express Indexer. I have done this test before when I compared it with some of the other link indexing services I was using like Lindexed and Indexifiction which disappointed me with only 10-15% of my links getting indexed within two weeks. So, this time I decided to be more organized and write down the results.

From my previous campaigns and tests I know that the natural index rate without using an indexing service is around 4-6% for Google. Lets take a look at the summarized version of the report and see how it compares to the control.

Comparison of the number of indexed links in Google, Yahoo and Bing two weeks after the submission to Express Indexer.

Total Links Google Yahoo Bing
765 396 / 765 761 / 765 160 / 765
% 51.76 % 99.47 % 20.91 %

Comparison of the number of indexed links in Google and the type of the link.

Type Total Links Indexed %
Articles 220 72 32.72 %
Blog Comment 52 21 40.38 %
Guest Book 415 239 57.59 %
Trackback 2 1 50.00 %
Web 2.0 13 12 92.30%
Wiki 63 51 80.95 %

What happens if we give it another two weeks, lest take a look at the results one month after or to be exact 30 days from the initial submission to Express Indexer to see what has changed.

Comparison of the number of indexed links in Google, Yahoo and Bing one month after the submission to Express Indexer.

Total Links Google Yahoo Bing
765 490/ 765 762 / 765 273/ 765
% 64.05 % 99.60 % 35.68 %

Comparison of the number of indexed links in Google and the type of the link – one month after.

Type Total Links Indexed %
Articles 220 112 50.90 %
Blog Comment 52 38 73.07 %
Guest Book 415 270 65.06 %
Trackback 2 1 50.00 %
Web 2.0 13 12 92.30%
Wiki 63 57 90.47 %

Something to have in mind about all indexers and conducing your own tests, while their job is to help the search engines discover your links, whether or not a page gets indexed depends on what kind of content there is on the page. If for some reason Google decides that the content is not worth indexing, although it crawled the page it will not be indexed.

Another thing is, blog comments and guestbooks tend to get a bit higher index rate since in most cases they are already in Google’s index, if you have not scraped these URLs yourself, GSA SER will do it for you using footprints and guess what, Google SERPs.

Does Express Indexer work?

(2015 Review results) If what is presented in this Express Indexer review does not provide enough data for you to get an informed and rational decision on including this amazing service in your link building arsenal, then at least give it a try for a month.

I have been using it for almost a full year and it is one of the best link indexing services available out there. It integrates with GSA SER seamlessly, no daily limit, supports drip feeding and the API is very easy to use if you decide to integrate it with your own link building tools. And what is most important it gets a huge percentage of your links indexed quite fast.

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Does it still work in 2017

Since mid 2016 and maybe earlier all link indexers stopped working due to an update on Google’s part that rendered them ineffective. Around that time I stopped using the service since it was not making any sense spending money for something that did not work and reverted to other not so conventional ways, attempting to get my links indexed which involved a lot of time and effort on my side and not to forget the cost. I desperately needed a good link indexer and I have tried almost any service on the market, all with the same results.

Recently I received a word from a friend that EI is back in the game with a new method for indexing the links that works very good, so I contacted Anthony to get more info. here is what he said:

Our entire system has been revamped with a new method from what we were using before.  I believe EI is the first and only indexing service (currently) with this indexing technology.

With our new system, obviously our indexing rates have shot back up once again, due to the Google indexing changes back in July/August of last year, there is a slight change in how URLs become indexed.

So, bearing that in mind, what you should expect to see in terms of results is this: indexing cycles work over the course of 14-16 days, when you make a submission to EI, 24 hours from the submitted time you can check to see your “Initial index rate”, this tends to be around 40%-60% index rate after the 24 hour period.

During the next couple of days, URLs can become de-indexed but this is only temporary and I believe it is a indexing filter that Google has put in place to prevent indexing spam from bad link sources/neighborhoods, normally, if a link has been generated with automated software, the administrator of the domain that has the link will moderate his/her site therefore deleting the links SEOs have built.
This is why, Google indexes the link, drops the link, revisits the link and then depending if the link is still there (not dead or moderated) it will be re-indexed.

So, for the next 7 days from submission, you’ll see most likely most of your URLs become de-indexed. The following 7 days, each day, they will start to re-appear in the index for good, actual indexing rates in my opinion should be taken around the 16th day of submission (remembering to run an ALIVE link check using SB before measuring true index rates).

Anthony, Express Indexer

I have reactivated the account I had and started sending links via the API + I submitted a couple of thousand new un-indexed links for the upcoming test. I will update the post as soon as I have the results.

Update, February 8th, 2017: I am seeing a behavior,  similar to what Anthony described. Links are getting indexed with some amazing index rates. The set of 100 hidden articles (spun French content) are 91% indexed. And these are articles that are not linked from anywhere, orphaned pages created for the purpose of the test.

As far GSA links are concerned, the index rates are around 60% for articles. I have not checked the other link types but I will do a full overview soon.

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