iPhone Unlock Scam

iPhone Unlocking Scams

Here are some reasons why not to use such sites:

  • “Unlock iPhone & Jailbreak iPhone With Any Firmware In Under 5 min” No you can not unlock any firmware!
  • “We are happy to present to you our brand new, proprietary 1-Click Apple Unlock iPhone solution” – First of all the software you will get if you pay $29.99 or some other amount (depends on the site) is already available for free. So, why they say that it is theirs? This is false advertising on one side and infringement of the intellectual property rights of the original software creators on the original software creator on the other.
  • They often state that using programs and software like Redsn0w, PwnageTool, GreenPois0n, Limera1n, PwangeTool, JailbreakMe, Spirit Jailbreak, Blackra1n and PurpleRa1n can be dangerous and will not always unlock your phone, but they give you the same software when you make your purchase to work with, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Trying to contact the support will do you no good. If you have been already scammed go straight to PayPal and file a dispute of the transaction! Contacting the support is like trying to explain jailbreaking to your grand grand grand mother, and when you ask them for a refund they say that an update to “their” software is coming soon so you have to wait. The more you wait, the less likely is that you will get your money back.

Lets look at a site I have taken as an example, here is the members area. This means you have already paid to get there and here is what you find.

easyiphoneunlocking SCAM

So, how come you paid for something different and you get the same old FREE tools again. Congratulations, you have been SCAMMED! Now go file a dispute via PayPal and get your money back.


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