Is Link SPAM Still Working as Negative SEO Tactic

In an earlier post I wrote about different negative SEO practices and how to deal with them. There have been some updates on Google’s part that deal with these tactics and I was surprised to learn just how good Google has become when dealing with this specific kind of attacks.

A month ago my site got spammed with over 230K links with adult animal related anchors from real adult websites.  Just take a look at this screenshot from Google Search Console:

These are the top anchors that link to my site and can you imagine getting over 230.000 links with this kind of anchors and what is worse, from real super spammed xxxxxxx sites.

A few years ago this would have crashed my site, if not for anything but for simple link SPAM, getting over 230.000 in just a few days from Jan 21st to Jan 24th, but it seems that Google is getting smarter.

As you can see from the ranking overview, it has been quite stable in the period after the link spam happened.