Microsoft Touch Mouse

Microsoft Touch Mouse – Why I didn’t like it?

I guess that you have read enough reviews and specs about the Microsoft Touch Mouse, seen all the videos on YouTube and you already know almost everything there is to know about this mouse, so I am not going to repeat what others have said and bore you with the specs, how gestures work and how amazing they are. I’ll get straight to the point and say what I personally did not like.

Trying it out for the first time, I was so overwhelmed by the coolness of the gestures that I did not notice one big and very important “feature” of Microsoft Touch Mouse. But now, after two weeks of using it every day, it annoys me more and more – how hard should I try to click to actually click.

My previous mouse and I think I will be going back to it now, is the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX, the best mouse I have ever had (It even works on glass), it has a very effortless click and a very quit too. On the other hand the Microsoft Touch Mouse is a nightmare to click and the click sound is so loud that reminds of the 1$ mouses found in public schools. Even when talking on Skype, my friends get annoyed by it’s clicking sound.

So, the loudness and the very hard to click buttons are just one part of the problem. Although the mouse has no problem understanding the touch gestures, making the difference between a left click and a right click seems next to impossible from time to time. Sometimes it takes me 3-4 tries just to make a right click.

The ergonomics of the mouse are good, except it feels a bit heavy to move around compared to other mouses. Using lighter batteries helps a lot, otherwise you hand will get tired pretty fast.

I am very disappointed in Microsoft, to see such a great product fail in an area so basic, while excelling in a set of features currently unmatched on the market. There is one suggestion that I can make that I think will contribute to making this mouse more usable on a daily basics. Enabling double or even single tap for clicks will improve the usability a lot. As far as I am aware, this is not a hardware issue and can be introduced with a simple software patch or an application. I hope Microsoft will consider this idea and release it soon.