CPALead 12" Gold 25k Trophy

My Mentee Got His First CPALead Trophy Today

For the last year I have been “mentoring” a friend of mine helping him earn some money online. Mainly CPA and SEO basics using the tools I use and some easy to compete niches. I have tried teaching some of my other friends to do what I do, but I have never seen someone so persistent and eager to learn. What makes it more interesting is the fact that his profession has nothing to do with computers, Internet, SEO, programming or anything even remotely related. He is a civil engineer who became unemployed after some budget cuts last year and even though this was not something that thought that he will ever do, he managed to learn the business quite quickly.

One year later he got his first CPA swag, the “12” Gold 25k Trophy + New iPad + 2 CPAlead T-shirts + Stickers” from CPALead meaning that he made his first $24K from the network. Congratulations!

Some of you might ask about the iPad, did we get it, do they really give iPads? Since we both live in a country with problematic post offices where things seem to disappear quite a often, as advised by Justin from CPALead we exchanged it for cash directly deposited into our accounts, saving them the shipping costs and saving us the trouble of loosing the iPad in the mail.

It seems that CPALead has started to ship the swag more regularly now, since last year I got my 25K trophy a year and a half late and I am still waiting for my 12″ Platinum 50k Trophy.

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