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Since I am on the Pinterest automation wave the last few weeks, after the followers scraper, the next logical thing is a Pinterest Follow Bot, or to be more precise automated follow / unfollow piece of software that follows niche relevant users and unfollows them after a specific period of time. As with the previous example, this bot is made with UBot Studio 5 Developer edition.

But unlike the previous followers scraper bot, this one is more user friendly and took me a bit more to develop. I have implemented a new version checking system that checks for updates when you launch the bot. Although this is a tool that is intended for my personal use on my personal projects, I have put some extra work to ensure that it is easy to use and does what it promises.

One feature that you might see in the UI is the proxy configuration and max follows per hour. Unfortunately, this will be implemented a bit later since I am managing my follow/unfollow actions from different locations for different accounts. Introduced in the 02/01/2015 version 1.4 update.

Setting up the account information

When you first open the bot, go to Tools -> Account Settings and enter your Pinterest email and password. This is all the information you need since the max follows per hour is not working right now and it is set to a static safe pause between follows. Proxy support is not implemented yet.  Setup the max follows per hour and proxy settings (beta) if needed. Click the save settings button.

Importing target follow lists

The next thing to do is to import your target follow list. To do that, go to Tools > Import Follow List, select the CSV file where the first column is the users’ Pinterest URL. You can also use simple txt files where each URL is on a new line. Click the Import button and wait until a confirmation is displayed. Please note, that duplicates are filtered on the database level so, right now there is no UI element to show you how many unique users were imported, just the total number of users in the file.

There is also a Delete users from database button, which deletes all the users from the database, so please be careful with this button.

If you do not have target lists, you can use the user followers scraper to create niche relevant lists of users to follow.

Does the bot support multiple accounts?

This is a single account bot, if you have multiple accounts, just create a new folder and copy the exe file in it. Once you open it, it will ask you to create a new database, since there is no (db.sqlite3) file in the folder. After that just fill in your account details, import the target follow list and click start. My advice is not to run more then 2 accounts from the same IP address.

Pinterest Follow Bot Screenshot

Download the Pinterest follow bot

If you wish to download the Free Pinterest Follow Bot, simply sign up for the mailing list and the link to the downloads folder will be emailed to you upon confirmation. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is required for the bot to run. For already subscribed users here is the direct download link!

Real life performance of the Pinterest  follow bot

(February 8, 2015) Two months ago I opened a new Pinterest account that my girlfriend was going to use for a fashion sub-niche targeting a specific set of female Pinterest users.  This was the perfect test case scenario for the bot so, while doing her research I asked her to save all the users in here niche who had more than 100 followers in a list. The list contained around 300 profiles with a total of 45.000 followers. Using the followers scraper tool mentioned above, I managed to scrape over 30.000 of those followers for the first target list and imported them in the follow bot.

The settings were 40 follows  per hour and unfollow users after 5 days at the start with the follows per hour increased to 50-60 the second month. Users with more than 500 followers were skipped and no proxies were used.

Before starting the bot, I asked here to create at least 3 boards with 30 posts each so that users who visited the profile would have real content to look at. The content was simple including posts like “5 Best…” and trendy combinations of different clothing accessories along with the affiliate links where you can get them. She also prepared 30 more posts for the days to follow to keep the audience engaged.

After two months of running the Pinterest follow bot and following / unfollowing nearly 30.000 users, she had a total of 3.761 followers (as of this morning), 87 leads in her affiliate account with an average of $41.76 per sale and $180 in affiliate commissions. Not bad for a first time fashion blogger.

During the time the bot was running there were no problems with the Pinterest account, except for the occasional follow limits which the bot detected and waited out. The follow back rate was around 12% which in my opinion is satisfactory.

So, what is the overall conclusion of this test case, the Pinterest follow bot works and having targeted lists of users to follow is crucial for you follow back rate. Not to forget that you need at least one post per day to keep your followers engaged.

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