Solving Keyword Planner Issues in SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

From time to time Rank Tracker is unable to update the SEO/PPC data from your linked AdWords account and the most frustrating part is that there is nothing wrong with the login credentials. A quick fix to see why Rank Tracker is failing to get the data from Google’s Keywords Planner, is add a environment variable that will show the hidden browser where you might inspect the problem.

How to do it?

Open “My Computer” or “This PC” (depending on Windows version), right click anywhere on the blank space and click “Properties“. From the right menu click on

Advanced System Properties” ->  “Environment Variables” button on the bottom -> New… and add the following:

Variable name: _JAVA_OPTIONS

Variable value: -DshowAdwordsWindow=true

Click OK and restart Rank Tracker.

In the in-app browser that appears once you try to update the SEO/PPC data, you can see the login process and if Google is asking for additional verification. In my case it was the location I was usually signing in from.

Good luck!

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