Tumblr Autoliker - Greasemonkey Script Download

Tumblr Autoliker – Greasemonkey Script Download

If you are using Tumblr for SEO reasons or as a traffic source it is important that you do not create a single orphaned blog page that has no interactions with the rest of the Tumblr ecosystem. What does this mean? Lets say you have created a simple blog that you are using for Tier 1 linking and you blasted it with a bunch of links creating your link pyramid all the way to T3. So what now, your job is done. Well not exactly. As search engines are getting smarter by the hour they have come a long way and if you think that what you have done is enough it is OK. Your current strategy might work, but eventually something will go wrong.

Now lets take a step back and say a word or two about everything following the “social” concept. Tumblr just like any other social platform is following this concept where basically thing are interconnected and are becoming more and more connected as the user uses the platform (likes, shares, re-blogs, etc.). The more interaction the user has with the platform the more it looks like a real user. Real uses like, share, comment, the interact with the platform and what does your orphaned blog do? Nothing! So, if you are Google, how hard will it be to filter this SPAM out?

Here comes the question, how to protect our link properties from being flagged. It is simple! By doing what real users do, liking, re-blogging commenting… but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to maintain this presence. This is where automation and small helpers come into play. We are going to discuss the most basic function, liking something. Why it is so good, well Tumblr on most themes lists likes with a link to your blog. How is this helping you? Free and relevant links from other Tumblr blogs to yours, making your account look like there is a real user is behind it and  gradually it is staring to get more and more connections in the social graph of the platform. You start to get link juice from various blogs and if you do your targeting right, well, the links will be related to your niche.

The Tumblr Autoliker – Greasemonkey Script

Now, the 2 parts of this process are finding relevant posts to like and liking them. Luckily Tumblr has the first part already covered, the search function on the site. Now about the second part of the task, if we are going to go through the search results and click the heart icon on each and every blog, we are going to spend at least few hours until we hit the unofficial daily limit of 1000 likes. This is where our little helper comes into play.

Greasemonkey for Firefox is one of the best addons and with a little knowledge of JavaScript you will be able to create small tools to help your everyday tasks. The script we created works like this: You navigate to the search page and search for a specific keyword related to your blog. Once the results are displayed just click the “Auto like all” red button in the top left corner and the script will like all the posts on the page (except the already liked). To load the next page just scroll down and click the button again. Repeat this until you reach your daily limit.

A nice side effect from this process it that some of the owners of the liked posts will actually come to check you out and/or start following you, which can be a good traffic source for your money site.


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For more information on how to install the Tumblr Autoliker script visit the Greasemonkey Wiki.

Update Jan 17, 2015: One of my Tumblr accounts got blocked, I was using the script to like around 1.000 posts every day, for almost 2 weeks. So I assume, I have triggered some kind of SPAM filter on Tumblr and the account got blocked. The other 12 accounts are OK for now.

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